Verse by Verse Comparison
NIV  vs  KJV

True Protestantism is Dying
because worshipers are turning away from
the King James Version bible.


Take a look at the
New International Version
is that a good Christian Bible?
Verse by Verse comparison with the
King James Bible.


Who is the one worshipped by the international elite, by the most powerful men of this world?  They say, "Our Creator is Lucifer", "The Light Bearer", "The Bright and Morning Star". And then there are the Satanists with Lucifer as their god.  It may not be just coincidence that the god of the New Age also is Lucifer although many newcomers would be horrified if they knew that by switching to the New Age they also would change their allegiance to worship Lucifer. Lucifer is the benefactor of all bible versions which omit his name in  Isaiah 14:12.


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